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Mitglied seit: 14.08.2008 07:06
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Mitglied seit:
14.08.2008 07:06
Posts: 498

ZBrush 2021.1.2 ist raus. Viele Bugs behoben

02.10.2020 08:17   (Vor 1356 Tagen) 956 Aufrufe 0 Antworten

Viele Fehler wurden behoben.

VERSION 2021.1.2
Claypolish Surface adjusted
Gizmo3D snap rotation updated
Subtool renaming dialog box returned to normal size
Fixed BPR NPR Filter render issue
Resolved Dynamesh precision crash with subtractive elements
Increased ZSketch stability
Mask By Smoothness adjusted
Fixed copy and paste issue with NanoMesh Subtools
Fixed Document ‘Double’ stability issue
Fixed Morph target causing shattered geometry
ZModeler >> Poly >> Inset >> Polygroup Island should no longer crash with triangles
Optimal performance updated to increase stability
Weld Points adjusted
NoiseMaker Angles now can be used in 45 degrees
Preferences: >> Performance >> Optimal now stores with the config
Locked custom interface buttons can now be removed
Fixed issue involving canvas layers
Directional masking issue resolved when using roll brushes
Vertex Color issue resolved with OBJ import
Gizmo3D screen space move stability improved
2.5D color spray simple brush issue resolved
FBX export polypaint amended so that displays correctly in 3ds Max
Alembic UVs merged on export
Preferences >> GoZ display issue corrected
Decimation Master now checks for Layer in record mode