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Mitglied seit:
14.08.2008 07:06
Posts: 498

Zen of ZBrush Tutorial (Hard Surface)

09.12.2010 17:49   (Vor 4976 Tagen) 9222 Aufrufe 0 Antworten

ich habe mir gerade
Zen of ZBrush (Mike Jensen) Buch und DVD ca 3 Std. Videomaterial gekauft. Bei 3D Daz für nur schlappe 17,- € (22 $ US)

Link zur ZCentral

Link zu 3D Daz

Full Description

The ZEN of ZBrush - written by Mike Jensen will take you step by step of using the newest features for hard surface modeling in ZBrush to create the Mech Drone model you see on the cover.

Mike has an easy to follow technique that includes how to create ZSpheres, to creating custom stamps to retopologising and posing.

This book comes with nearly 3 hours of narrated video and the Mech Stamps used to create the detail seen on the model.

What's Included & Features

* PDF Digital Book
* DVD.ISO - Contains nearly 3 hours of narrated video tutorials
* The Mech Alpha Stamps - used to create the detail seen on the model

Resources & Information
Related products: Product Installers:
CSTools 3D Brush Alphas 1
DigitalPainters 3DPaint Brushes
Mac File Size: 3463.01Mb in 13 files
PC File Size: 3458.51Mb in 13 files

Texture Template Download

# This product includes one installer for the .PDF and Stamps, as well as eleven 307Mb files and one 150Mb file for the DVD.iso.
# The Zen_Of_Zbrush.iso files required burning to a DVD or use in any program capable of playing DVD.iso files.
# The Mech Stamp .ZBP files require zBrush
This Item is not eligible for CD burn.
# You may find this post in the forum helpful for dealing with this product's unusual installation: Forum Topic
# Users are advised to use a third-party decompression program capable of handling a multi-part ZIP file, such as Winrar or Stuffit Expander 15.0.1+ which is free through www.download.com, when uncompressing this product. The uncompression software provided by your OS (Windows or MacOS) is not adequate, especially for multiple ZIP files like this.

Bin noch am Download, aber schon gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen.

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